Being the Boss of your own Life

Being the Boss of your own Life

Yes, the economy is spiralling down and all businesses are facing losses. But take it to your advantage. You would have lesser competition now and inv...
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Pandemic Crisis Spikes Entrepreneurship

Pandemic Crisis Spikes Entrepreneurship

The pandemic crisis has acted as a motivator for other new businesses, this inspired new entrepreneurs to act....
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Three Questions for Every Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur chasing your dream or sharpening your axe, pause and see if you have a robust, pinpoint sales strategy in place....
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Social entrepreneurship - not to be confused with charity and philanthropy...
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Succeed as a Gig Entrepreneur

Generally, when there is an increased traction towards entrepreneurship as a career option across the globe, in countries like India most prefer a sal...
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Think big start small

From rhythmic to disruptive change, computing has seen a sea of transformation since it came into being; that’s history! Besides, running after the Ge...
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Analytics - Then and Now!

Almost to the day, 10 years ago, on a summer afternoon, I recall an interesting conversation with a friend about the potential of Analytics, sitting i...
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Lean Startup

“Venture and burn the fingers” “fail, learn and grow” such phrases are stressful motivators that either bewilder the aspirant entrepreneurs to fall fo...
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Entrepreneurial DNA

Each of us is different, what works for an entrepreneur does not work for others. If we follow some of the best practices, we could fall flat on our f...
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Venture Trends 2016

Reading through various resources for this issue on StartUp India, I came across three pivotal pieces of information that have made me write this. In ...
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Startups - The New Directive

In a recent notification pertaining to the Startup India initiative of the Government of India released in the mid February 2016, the Ministry of C...
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Entrepreneurial DNA: Do you have it?

Here's to the brave ones, to the ones who jump off the cliff and build their wings on the way down, and to the ones who are strong enough to reveal th...
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How NOT to Start a Business in 2015

2015 dawned with a sign of fresh start to some of the aspiring marketers out there. Since this year is perceived as a year full of marketing developme...
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Should Entrepreneurs Pursue Formal Courses?

We see so many talented entrepreneurs today, with brilliant ideas and innovative solutions. A good lot of them are young, and have graduated from an E...
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Start Up

"If your objective is only to make money,then I would raise a caution flagthat this is probably not the right wayto approach entrepreneurship."...
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Entrepreneur Career Prototype

Becoming an icon isn’t a stressful job, a mix of defining an objective for life, keen concentration and a heart thatstrives for consistent success mak...
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The Right Wave

We saw technology as a tool thatenhances life experiences anddecided to explore the ways to use it...
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A journey to build

Entrepreneur is a "no no" word in our societal set up. Students are tuned for corporate environment determined by our academic system...
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The Audacity of Dreams

MobME is a young and vibrant Mobile Internet company with a track recordof providing Value Added Services for Mobile Phone users and Carrier GradeSolu...
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Entrepreneurial Dreams

The big opportunity as well as challenge is with theyoung human resource pool we have in the country....
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Success Story of an Entrepreneur

CMO Axis is a literally a start-up which was started from a garage to grow on to win the TIE Award. What were the different things you did to achieve ...
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