5G Technology and its Future Applications

5G Technology and its Future Applications

How often do you experience the abrupt pause while watching your favorite YouTube video? Ever faced difficulty connecting to the cellular network whil...
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IoT in Space

With the rapid increase in IoT devices, the data used and processed by these devices will increase exponentially. This exponential growth in data proc...
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Human Doctors Vs Artificial Intelligence

Imagine the possibility of doctors with problem-solving skills combined with the infinite computing & cognitive power of AI technology....
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Accounting Meets Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The accounting world has incorporated waves of automation over the past decade to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. Here are a few insights on...
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Trash "Touch"

The public awareness on hygiene is increasing due to the new normal of the society. This would likely result in businesses adopting touchless solution...
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5G – an Enabler in Digital Transformation

5G will bring differentiated and guaranteed service that is very specific and personalized, in which the network will be aware of applications and app...
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COVID-19 Technology Trends

Google, Facebook, and YouTube have joined hands to channel the people to access only the correct and verified information issued by the government and...
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Democratization of Technology

Through the years 2020 to 2023, the world is to witness the culmination of the ‘Democratization of Technology’. Democratization of Technology is the p...
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RPA and Industry 4.0 - A Glimpse

RPA is a horizontal that works across different verticals of organizations, industry types, and functions that require automation from a software pers...
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Thanks to the Indian Government’s digital drive and the competitive pricing of mobile internet, India has become one of the enormous consumers and pro...
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Pythons are non-venomous snakes found in Asia, Africa and Australia. They make safe haven in hollows, under rocks, abandoned mammal burrows and tree b...
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It’s not surprising that a day goes by without hearing a buzz-word on AI or analytics. Such is the influence of this word, today everyone wants to be ...
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The Fastest Quantum Operation

A group of physicists at UNSW Sydney has built a super-fast version of the central building block of a quantum computer. The research is a milestone r...
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Edge Computing

From rhythmic to disruptive change, computing has seen a sea of transformation since it came into being; that’s history! Besides, running after the Ge...
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Feel Robot

There are unlimited humanoid personal robot flooded into the market by many companies today. The...
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Digital India - Foundation for a Future India

Digital India programme of the Government of India that aims at transforming the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy....
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Tao of DFM

Enterprises are getting increasingly pressured with modern day demands related to competition getting stiffer, rising customer demands, margins gettin...
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Nuts and Bolts of ICT

What took nearly 3 decades to change, the social media explosion and mobility adoption have accelerated in less than five years – a new computing etho...
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Triple-Play Telecom

Once broadband was all about the delivery of high-speed Internet access and services to a PC. It is now driven beyond the PCs to include other devices...
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Introduction to Quality Code

To produce quality code, industry follows some best practices. We have been exploring them one by one. Already we have discussed about Coding Standar...
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Treasuring the GPU in Java

I remember getting euphoric a decade ago, as a teenager, seeing the motherboard of my new desktop computer being assembled. I had been told that witho...
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Introduction to Quality Code

"Quality Code" is a term dealt with, when learning a subject called "Software Engineering". Though it is observed as a theory subject, it could be mor...
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Cloud is Tangible Now

Cloud Computing has a variety ofcharacteristics, with the mainones being...
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Passwords The First Step to Safety

Most people don't put a lot of thought into creating a password. It's usually easiest just to create a short, easy-to-remember password, or even just ...
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Security Operation Centre

Security Operation Center is a generic term describing part or all of a platform whose purpose is to provide detection and reaction services to secu...
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Mobile application development or Mobility is the process by which application software is developed for low - power handheld devices , such as person...
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Software Quality Assurance and Testing

SQA ensures timely checks and measurements to identify such issues with a set of reviews, documentation, metrics and testing....
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Cloud computing What do the terms mean

A cloud computing environment created by pooling resources from a specific group of members (the community) and in turn providing those resources ba...
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Teaching Nanoelectronics in Graduate Level

To prepare for the next generation of electronic devices, the engineering and science students must be taught the theory of current, voltage and res...
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Cloud Computing – The future of IT

According to Berkeley scientists, "Cloud computing refers to both the applications delivered as services over the Internet and the hardware and syst...
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2010 – 2020: A Decade of Innovations

Technology and Innovation are two critical factors for inclusive growth; hence collaboration between academia, corporate and research institutions ...
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